A canonically-approved Private Association of the Faithful
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Our Program Fosters Life-Changing Spiritual Growth in the Lives of Young Catholics


The Saints of Yesterday Inspiring the Youth of Today

Society members meet at their parishes and schools to learn the lives of the Saints, their heroic virtue and listen to their inspirational witnesses. Using the engaging catechized and evangelized to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

What Youth Have to Say

Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources Make it Easy to Start

Starting a DTS chapter is quite easy to do. Chapters are primarily parish and school based and have an adult leadership of three. The leadership includes a priest or deacon in good standing with the Catholic Church. The other leaders are usually the parish youth minister, DRE, associate youth minister, or other adults approved by the pastor and who have completed all child safety programs required by the Diocese.


Youth Minister Approved

  • Kim C.
    I'm very excited! This program is exactly what the Catholic youth world needs, in my humble opinion.
    Kim C.
  • Patrice L.
    The DTS meetings have been so well received!  We have done St. Padre Pio, St. Dominic Savio, and Blessed Margaret Castello.  St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Maria Goretti and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati are up next. We have had 30 teens attend which is TRIPLE the amount that usually have come to the parish youth group.  The Graces are flowing......praise God and DTS!
    Patrice L.
  • Carolyn F.
    I think these kids are hungry for the traditions of the Church. That’s something I’ve seen them totally connect to.
    Carolyn F.
  • Karen C.
    This is sort of counter-cultural because it’s quiet, somebody’s talking to you and telling you a story. It’s not about television and video game images coming at you. This is different than any other part of their life.
    Karen C.
    Youth Minister
  • Kyle S.
    Dead Theologians Society is a great way to educate teenagers about the Saints and how they lived like Christ. In turn, the teens can use this information to aid them in their quest to be Christ-like.
    Kyle S.
    New Jersey

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