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Become a Guardian of the Apostolate

Guardian of the Apostolate

For a recurring monthly contribution (you determine the amount) you can provide a tremendous help to the DTS apostolate. Our Guardians will help ensure that the lights always stay on and we will continue to spread DTS in a safe, unified and effective manner. It will also help us to be able to assist our poor DTS chapters at home and abroad with the materials and resources they need to better serve their young people. Guardians also make it possible for us to keep our materials such as DTS hoodies, rosaries and scapulars at a very affordable price for our DTS chapters.

Signing up as a Guardian only takes a few minutes. Please click on the Donate button below and your contribution will be processed via PayPal.

All of our Guardians will receive a beautiful 12 inch statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

We are most grateful to you as you help protect the DTS apostolate with your prayers and financial support. Thank you for partnering with us as together we help lead young people to Christ.

All of our Guardians and their intentions are remembered at a monthly Mass at St. Mary's of Pine Bluff, Wisconsin located near our International Headquarters.

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